Ocean State Angels' members include accredited investors with significant experience in life science operations and investing. Members include prominent executives, physicians, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. OSA’s members have been founders, Chairpersons, CEOs, and senior level executives in healthcare startups. 

OSA Fact Sheet


  • Provide a funding source to emerging life science companies that are typically below the threshold for VCs and traditional funding sources
  • Identify and present well-vetted private equity investment opportunities for investment
  • Simplify the investment vehicle for members, companies and follow-on investors
  • Contribute business and scientific expertise to companies to improve success post-funding
  • Communicate frequently and openly with members, sponsors and companies


  • Founded and managed by experienced angel investors, life science executives and attorneys specializing in biotechnology
  • No override or management fees; all work performed on pro bono basis


  • Executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers from biotech and medtech industries
  • All accredited individual investors with business and scientific expertise in life sciences
  • Active member participation in deal sourcing, due diligence, membership screening, coaching, etc.

Investment Opportunities

  • Robust deal flow from founders, members, sponsors, venture capitalists, hospitals and universities
  • Opportunities must meet defined investment criteria and pass Investment Committee due diligence prior to presentation to membership
  • Targeted investment range of $250,000 to $1 million per company per round

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