Submission Process:
All executive summaries received at least thirty (30) days prior to the next quarterly member investment meeting will be considered for presentation at such meeting.  Any submissions received less than thirty (30) days before the next quarterly meeting will be held for the following quarter’s review and consideration.  Companies must submit executive summaries directly to

Executive summaries may be posted under a members-only section of OSA’s Web site.

OSA’s screening committee will consider all timely filed and completed submissions and will inform selected companies at least fifteen (15) days prior to the next quarterly meeting.  Non-selected companies will be informed prior to the next quarterly meeting.

Selection criteria are based on review of each executive summary against a screening matrix and OSA’s investment criteria.

Selected companies must agree to coaching from OSA members and/or staff in preparation for their presentation at the member investment meeting.  Coaching sessions will be scheduled at the time of selection notification.

Materials for Member Investment Meeting
Selected companies must give a PowerPoint or equivalent presentation of no more than 15 minutes in length, followed by a five- to-ten-minute Q&A period.  Copies of the presentation must be provided to OSA's administrative manager prior to the investment meeting and an electronic copy provided to OSA for posting under the members-only section of the OSA Web site.  Companies may offer other materials at the member investment meeting.  

Members will be polled on their initial interest in making an investment at the end of the member investment meeting.  If there is sufficient interest from the members, then the company will be contacted following the meeting and a schedule for follow-on due diligence meetings with interested OSA members will be scheduled.  The objective will be to complete due diligence and negotiate and close the investment in the company within 90 days after the initial presentation to the membership.

Any questions should be directed to